Hello, world!

Welcome to LinuxPowerUser.com!  With this blog, I intend to publish my experiences using Linux as a desktop and server operating system.  I have been using Linux since 1995 and around 2000 I completely replaced Windows with it as my primary personal computing environment.

I use linux for personal productivity, gaming, multimedia, programming, and as a server operating system, and I hope to share my knowledge of this powerful environment here on this blog.

A little about myself:

I am IT systems professional with 17 years of experience in design, maintenance and management of enterprise networks.  I am currently responsible for planning and strategy of Network infrastructure and Unified Communications technology investments for a major retail company based in the United States.

My favorite Linux Distros: Ubuntu, Gentoo.

Hobbies:  Linux, Data Communications, Computer Programming, Amateur Astronomy, Snow Skiing, Boating and Water Skiing, Biking, Computer Gaming, Beagles (I have three), Electric Guitar, Science Fiction Novels, Aviation

Favorite Music: Pink Floyd

Enjoy, hopefully you will find something valuable here if your interested in using Linux!  Stay tuned for more posts, as I have a bunch of content to share.

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